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Zoey G releases new single/video “Runaway”!


Pop Singer Zoey G has released her debut single and the new video for Runaway! Infused with Spanish guitar, latin rhythms, and reggaeton beats with a rock flair, the new track showcases her skilled songwriting and musicianship. Produced by Stefan Litrownik and co-produced by Shannon McArthur at Kingsize Soundlabs, Runaway is the title track off her upcoming debut EP and is now available for download and streaming worldwide. The song deals with the the conflict a person feels when they’re unsure of where they stand in a budding relationship. “We all have emotions, whether it be the ‘I don’t care’ side or the ‘I really care’ side” Zoey explains. “Runaway conveys both of those sides, the instrumental portion being the ‘I don’t care,’ and the melody/lyrics being the ‘I really care’ side”. The lyrics on the EP are sung in English, but she performs an alternate Spanish version of this song titled Amor Prohibido. The video was directed by Sebastian A. Guerra (Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Jaden Smith) and depicts Zoey in cinematic SoCal locations like the beach, urban streets, and a deserted amphitheater stage.

Born in Missoula, MT, Zoey G moved with her family to her current home in Greeley, CO at the age of three. Her musical family inspired her to learn instruments ranging from piano, sax, and drums, to guitar, bass, and ukelele. She began writing songs as a teen, and her YouTube covers soon brought her to the attention of artist development pros. Her unique pop sound was influenced by a combination of “my dad’s 80s music, my mom’s 80s-90s music and my brother’s late 90s to 2000s pop songs” Zoey explains. This classically-trained musician is a young woman with an old soul who creates songs that cover a wide emotional spectrum. “When I write essays, I use rhetorical strategies -similes and metaphors- and I carry that into my songwriting,” she reveals. Possessing Spanish, Mexican, Italian and Greek heritage, this former “closet singer” is now poised for the global expansion of pop music. With a potential move to Los Angeles after high school on the horizon, she is laser-focused on her own art. “I’ve been doing music all my life, but whether classical or a band repertory piece, it’s been other people’s music. Now I’ve found my sound” she says. Watch the new video and download Runaway on all platforms today!


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