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Zachary Murdock premieres new music video “Preach”!


Future Soul/Poetic Pop artist Zachary Murdock has released his brand new music video Preach! Directed by Matthew Charof and starring Aml Ameen of the Netflix show Sense8, the video is about the everyday hero, the god in all of us, and how easy it is to lose sight of in this age of overwhelming illusion. “Motivated by the seemingly destructive spirit of Wild Child, Scøut sets off on a musical journey to find himself, traveling through real and dream worlds, discovering the very thing that terrified him the most was in fact his friend in disguise” Murdock says of the video. Preach is a single is from his rebirth album, SCØUT, which was executive produced by Benny Reiner (an original cast member of Hamilton) and features production from Red Buttonz, Alberto Bof and Nick Pacoli. The track was mastered by Chris Athens, mixed by Tim Latham, with art direction from Jake Vantiger.

Crossing genres, states of mind, and the globe itself are just the tip of the iceberg for this London-born, New York City native and now Los Angeles resident. Murdock is a poetic visionary whose evolution has led him to peace with his inner self and his local and global surroundings. As a leading member of the soulful electro-pop group Smokey Robotic, he discovered his true purpose to stand alone and be a pillar of human truth. His brand of hip-hop, soul, pop, and electronic music carries a poetic transference that grasps deeply at a dynamic understanding of our ultimate human truths, while conveying infectious melodies and passionate, upbeat energy. With five group albums, over thirty music videos, two major ad campaigns, several children’s books and over a decade of mixed media collaboration, Murdock continues to expand his worldwide creative imprint.

Murdock is also part of the artist collective, Channel The Sun, which is a community of artists who collaborate to create music, art, written word, and film. The Book of Sc0ut will be released in February and Sc0ut The Film will be released this spring. You can see Zachary Murdock and the friendly monsters perform live along with creations from Channel The Sun on Saturday, January 27th at the Sc0ut Album Release Party in Santa Monica, so get your tickets now!  Watch the world premiere of the new video and download Preach and Sc0ut the Album today!


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