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YouTube Reportedly Forcing Creators to Agree to New Ad-Free Subscription Terms




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YouTube’s ad-free subscription service is finally arriving.
YouTube Music Key already exists for
ad-free music, but the new service will remove ads from all

It’s about time. I’ve had multiple people tell me over the
years that they wish they could pay to remove YouTube ads

Exact details on the new service aren’t available yet, but
information is starting to surface.

So what does this mean for content creators?
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Sources to The Verge say that creators will be
able to put their music behind a paywall
, something
that should make Taylor Swift happy. They also say
YouTube will take 45 percent of revenue, and creators will take
55 percent.

All revenue will be put together and then it will be split
between creators based on time watched per channel.
Expect even more mysterious payouts, as there won’t be a set

Sources also say creators must accept YouTube’s new terms, or
their videos will be made private.

Remember what happened last time YouTube did this?

Here’s a letter YouTube just sent to creators about the
upcoming changes:


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Comments (1)

  1. Anonymous

    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    “creators will be able to put their music behind a paywall,
    something that should make Taylor Swift happy”

    Doesn’t apply to music tho.




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