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You Tube Challenger Vessel Luanches With Better Pay For Creators – GET 1 YEAR FREE



vessel logo
is so popular that it
was bound to attract competitors; and just-launched
Vessel may have found the
Google owned video giant’s achilles heal
low payouts to creators. Along with details,
here’s how to check out Vessel for one year completely
 But you need to act

Vessel, the new online video destination
founded by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, has left beta
after a three month trial. 

Vessel offers users willing to pay $2.99 a month exclusive
access for 30 days to content from some of YouTube’s  top
creators. Universal, Warner and Sony have also signed on to
feed Vessel with exclusive windowed music content; and Vevo
will offer curated content to Vessel’s free tier.

In return, Vessel promises to share a large portion of that
$2.99 with creators. The result, it promises, is more money
than YouTube; with the potential of Google’s broad reach after
the one month exclusive window.

One Year Free

It’s an important experiment that, along with services like
Patreon, could net much needed revenue streams for musicians
and other creators. That alone makes Vessel worth
watching; and thanks to a free 72 hour launch offer,  you
can try Vessel free for one year – no credit card or other
string attached.


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