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WorldArts November Featured Artist: Athena


Athena Andreadis is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, who has a contemporary pop sound that maintains a genuine emotionally touching lyrics. She is featured on Leonard Cohen’s new LP, You Want it Darker, an album that displays the 82-year-old’s vulnerability when it comes to life’s deepest emotions and experiences. Athena is on the track ‘Traveling Light,’ that hints at his times in Greece. Appropriately, the track features a traditional Greek instrument, bouzouki, that is similar look to the mandolin, and Athena’s vocals.

Athena was born to Greek parents in London, but spent ages 3-18 in Greece. She developed her passion for singing and songwriting in school where she won awards for her poetry, writing, acting and singing. Her parents however, urged her to pursue business leading to her getting a degree in Business Administration at the University of Baths.

Things have a way of happening if they’re meant to be, and eventually Athena met her first vocal mentor, Joyce Suskind, at the Julliard School of Music. With the support of Suskind she attended and graduated from London’s Trinity College of Music with Master’s degrees in Classical Singing and Jazz Voice.

In 2006 she released her first EP, Snapshot. She then began pushing more content and released her debut album a year later, “Breathe With Me” containing the track ‘Breathe Again’ which was used for Concern Worldwide, a TV ad campaign in the UK and Ireland. In 2008, she re-released “Breathe With Me” with two bonus tracks going along with airing her hour long documentary, Athena: My Music.

The young singer-songwriter has since moved to LA to make music and record. In 2014, Athena started a two year campaign to be their exclusive artist in Greece and Cyprus to have her albums sold in store and money was raised for charity.

Athena recently released Ready for the Sun, Pt. 1 that’s currently available on iTunes. A beautiful and emotionally genuine album that will fully come to light soon. Check out her WorldArts profile and socials below for more information.




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