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WorldArts Featured Artist Slant!


One of our featured artists for December is the heavy metal group, Slant!

With Fahim Zaman on vocals/lead guitar, Munir Haque on rhythm guitar, Josh Chastain on bass, and Jimmy Lee on drums, Slant has been bringing forth pure, positive music since they have formed. Call Slant hard rock, power rock, progressive, or alternative music; Slant is giving us all a taste of their perspectives on the world through music.

The band is giving the world a fresh new take on how life is still good no matter how hard it can get, how hard it will get and that all obstacles can be overcome. As always Slant’s releases are full of tracks you will like, love, relate with and rock out to.

All of their albums are available on I-tunes, Amazon, Napster, CD-baby, Spotify & other outlets. Stay tuned for their Periscope live session on the 16th of December around 6:45 pm!

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