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WorldArts Featured Artist The Mulberry Purple!


One of our featured artists for January is The Mulberry Purple!

The Mulberry Purple is a pulse-pounding, high-voltage rock band that throws all its inner energy in your face while it grips you with the intensity of their lyrics. Their musical roots can be traced back to the border town of Juarez, Mexico, a city whose musical blend is as diverse and rich as its culture and people. Inspired by such background, they’ve created a sound that merges the classic concept of straight up rock with their Latin musical roots into a fusion that is reminiscent of the heyday of rock. With the recording of their EP’s, “When the Music Fades”, and “The Auguries of Sound”, The Mulberry Purple was able to package the characteristic energy of their live shows into a product that has been successful in attracting many more to their powerful style, sound and music.
These days the band is more focused on recording quality material over performing live shows and are currently working with a couple of licensing firms to place their new music on TV and film.

You can listen to The Mulberry Purple’s music here!