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WorldArts Featured Artist Goldyard


One of our October featured artists is Goldyard!

Goldyard, hailing from Atlanta, GA, is not only one of our featured artists for October but they are also performing at our showcase at A3C in Atlanta on October 6th!

They have been hitting the stage all around Atlanta and have even toured throughout Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Be ready for more from Goldyard, as they’ve been working hard & collaborating with artists like Trinidad James on the regular.


See them at two upcoming events in Atlanta:

October 6: The Vinyl Junkies Clique (VJC) Reunion Los Angeles’ mid-’90s DJ crew has formed chapters in Atlanta, New York, Cincinnati, and Washington D.C. Rare is the occasion when they’re all in the same city together. P.U.D.G.E., Mista Rare Groove, SUM, Yamin Semali, D.T., Phoenix, and more show off their respective new shits and play songs from VJC’s 2005 CD, Strange Arrangement. $10 (free w/ A3C pass). Thurs. Oct. 6. 9 p.m. 529.

October 8: ATLiens 20th Anniversary Tribute Saturday’s 1996 show features performances by legacy acts Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Bun B, Too $hort, and Redman. In the midst of it all, Mr. DJ and a live band host a parade of young artists paying homage to OutKast’s ATLiens. Nappy Roots, J-Live, Goldyard, Yani Mo, Jack Preston, and more grace the stage. Sat., Oct. 8. 2 p.m. Festival Grounds (A3C)

Listen to their song “W’s” on their WorldArts Profile (click button below) and follow them on socials: Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud!