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WorldArts Featured Artist: Amen BK


Amen BK is a rapper/songwriter whose sound is a unique blend of poetry on a rap beat fused with world melodies. This San Diego-based performer (aka Amen Ben Koussa) advocates conscious art through his positive lyricism. His new song One Sky Above was recently awarded fourth place in the Fight for Peace – Not War 2018 World Citizen Artist Competition in Kingston, Jamaica. The contest is held in conjunction with the official Bob Marley Birthday Celebration at the Bob Marley Museum and is awarded to the best artists with a message of love and peace in their music.

He immersed himself in music and poetry in his native Tunisia as a youth, before joining a local group called Mafio XMC’s in the early 2000s. By 2008, Amen BK formed his own band, Empire, which released numerous singles on the Tunisian hip-hop scene. The group’s success lead to multiple tours, media appearances, and an international peace collaboration with the USA hip-hop ambassadors Remarkable Current in 2011. After moving to San Diego in 2013, he co-founded the C°MANTICS record label, focusing on his new styles and solo work, while also showcasing other artists. He produced his first LP album Another Perspective, which was released in on his label in 2016, setting the stage for upcoming collaborative creations from this diversely talented artist.

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Amen BK

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