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WorldArts Featured Artist ALXXA!


One of our featured artists for July is ALXXA!

The music of artist “ALXXA” has been creating buzz in her hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, through two years on the scene in Nashville, to her new musical ventures in Los Angeles, and on tour worldwide. Blending intelligent instrumental arrangements with haunting vocals and modern electronic production influences, ALXXA‘s fresh take on pop music is sure to transport listeners.

Lead Vocalist/Keys Player Alex Saad grew up with a piano at her fingertips, and her diverse interests shaped her into the unique songwriter she is today. She has almost 20 years of dance training under her belt, including classical ballet and hip hop. She received a personalized degree in Physics with a concentration in Music from Loyola University Maryland. Her love for travel sent her to study in Australia for six months and allowed her to tour her music all throughout Europe. Worth noting is her extremely sarcastic sense of humor and a faulty brain-to-mouth filter. She is also a lover of all things fashion, especially when jewels, spikes, and heels are involved. Her diverse interests, experience, and education all play a huge role in Alex’s writing process.

Unexpected chord formations and changes, stemming from her intense musical theory background, drive Alex’s modern interpretation of a standard pop arrangement, and her powerful haunting vocals are her vehicle for delivering honest, heartfelt lyrics that provide a new perspective on the human condition. Her musical training allows her to be an integral part of the music production process. Alex wrote and performed most of the instrumental parts featured on her first EP,  released in July of 2014. In 2014 alone she toured both coasts of the United States, featuring her music at prestigious venues including World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, Bowery Electric in NYC, and Room 5 in Los Angeles. She had the pleasure of sharing the stage with several national acts, such as Paula Cole at World Cafe Live in January of 2013. In May of 2015, ALXXA toured throughout Europe, playing over 17 shows in 6 countries. She continued sharing her music overseas during a second European tour in October 2015 with Aloft Hotels.

Alex took her music to Nashville in 2013, where she was relentlessly writing, performing, recording, and producing to develop her craft. An ALXXA performance will silence a room and stir curiosity, while her blunt and honest sense of humor will amuse her audience, leaving them excited and ready for more.

More Recently, ALXXA has transitioned even further into the electronic world, and has brought her music to her new home of Los Angeles. During her shows, ALXXA‘s use of loops and tracks brings this to life for the listener. Alex’s education and experience in the studio gives her the tools to both record and produce her own music, and therefore she is fully involved in every part of the musical process for her next releases in 2016. Keep your ears open to hear what ALXXA has in store!

Listen to her song “Fire” on her WorldArts Profile (click button below) and follow her on socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud!