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WorldArts January Featured Artist: Don Neil


Don Neil is a 20 year-old Baltimore artist (and native) whose second single “Be” just dropped on Jan. 10th! His versatile style might be best described as “chill-hop”, because of his verbal cadence and lush production sound. Don’s talent and hard work were rewarded in 2015, when he was chosen Hip-Hop Artist of the Year by DopeCauseWeSaid.

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Don draws on a wide-range of influences, starting with his uncle 100GrandMan (also a Baltimore-native), and extending to Kid Cudi, J.Cole, Chance The Rapper, and Drake, but proudly stands on his own with his positive message. His work has been featured on platforms like RESPECT Mag, Morpheus, Music and Other Drugs, Audifact, The Hype Magazine, Plug Society, CultureMix, The New LoFi and Fashionably Early.

Music reviewer Naima Karp put it best in describing his single I’m Weak: “He’s fluid in both his rapping and his singing (a feat that many artists attempt, and rarely succeed at without sounding corny)”. In listening to Don’s music, you can easily hear that he is not the average rapper these days talking about his pills, his keys, or gun. Far from corny, Don’s music has a message that conveys that it’s okay to be young and not sure of which road to take, but at the same time, have motivation, be patient, and have fun.”


After hitting up venues & radio stations all over the States, Don recently performed in the Cayman Islands, and has his vision set high for 2017. His journey as an artist is only beginning and we can’t wait to see where it takes all of us. Download “Be” and “I’m Weak” on iTunes now!


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