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WorldArts December Featured Artist: Bad Wave


Bad Wave is a duo consisting of Tucker Tota (songwriter) and Patrick Hart (production) who started making music to express the emotions of what many 20-something-year-olds entering early stages of adulthood go through. Their name, Bad Wave, is taken from the Spanish phrase ‘mala onda’ directly translates as “bad waves.” Although initially you may think that the band is inferring a dark aesthetic, they are actually using their name as a platform to release their own personal anxieties of adulthood through their music and a way to connect with their fans.

Patrick and Tucker bonded over their mutual love for Weezer and other ’90s alternative rock bands, which cemented their friendship and inspired the two to begin working together. Despite some of their common interests, the two came together completely by chance.

“Patrick was randomly living with me and my girlfriend for about a year on and off in LA,” explains Tucker. “We really didn’t know each other at all but he picked me up at the airport,” adds Patrick. “Then I was his roommate. Like a scene from Craigslist.”

They primarily communicated over the Internet despite living in the same building, however managed to build an analogue synthesizer and talked plug-ins when able to work together in a physical space. A bromance built on music and technology.

After Tucker found himself struggling to make music on his own, Patrick offered to assist him with his writing and production capabilities leading to their first single ‘Look Out,’ released via Crazy Heart. Their pop-punk, electronica infused sound was solidified with their later singles ‘Runaway’, ‘Good Girls’, ‘Extraordinary’ and ‘3AM.’

Today, Patrick released a single “If You Don’t Love Me” off of his solo project that’s available on SoundCloud. However, they reassured their fans on social media that a bad Wave song is on the way, so stay tuned!



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