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WorldArts August’s Artist Spotlight is Sonia!


Our ‘Spotlight Artist of the Month’ for August is Sonia De Pellegrin!  Whether it’s collaborating with producers in the US or playing live gigs in her native Sydney, Sonia continues to grow as an artist, all while remaining a fixture on the honor role at school.  No big deal for this talented singer-songwriter from the Land Down Under who has been writing and producing her own music since the age of 11.  Check out our exclusive Q&A to hear about her latest EP, her recent travels in Europe, and her advice to other young artists!


1)  How did you get started in music?   For me it has always just been there – I don’t even know how it all came to be but I started writing my own songs when I was around 11 years old and haven’t looked back since!


 2)  How did you find out about WorldArts?   I’m always looking out for ways to get exposure and new opportunities so I just happened to stumble across WorldArts whilst searching the internet.  It’s such a fantastic platform for emerging Artists.


3)  What can you tell us about your newest EP? My new EP to be released soon is an exploration of me finding myself, having finished school last year and learning how I deal with the random ups and downs and everyday things in life, it’s poppy, fun and a little but sassy – but not without underlying meanings that correlate with major events in my life. I’m really happy with all of the new songs!


4)  What’s the music scene like in Sydney, Australia?  It’s crazy! Everybody knows everybody and its such a great environment to be in. I still feel like a little fish in a huge pond sometimes and have so much to learn from everyone around me – its overwhelming sometimes but absolutely amazing to be a part of!


5)  You recently travelled all over Europe, what were some of your favorite experiences?    I got the chance to visit some amazing places and just tried to fully immerse myself in all things artistic! I celebrated by 18th with my sister by the most gorgeous beach in Italy, I was in Paris for Bastille day which was also SO much fun and also got to stay in this weird and crazy little town built out of little hut-like houses called ‘Trulli’ in Puglia, Italy… So weird I felt like I was in a gnome village! Everything was just so amazing its hard to have favourite moments!


6)  If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?   Sometimes I feel like a lot of prejudice and caution is imposed on young and emerging -mostly female- artists because established people in the industry feel like young musicians don’t know what to do or know as much. I’ve had lots of people doubt my abilities just because of my age which just makes proving them wrong even more fun! 🙂


7)  If you could go on tour with any artist (past or present) who would it be and why?    Gosh I have a soft spot for Jessie j and Rihanna… I love both of them because they’re just such cool women! I would really have to vamp up my badassness to be able to keep up with them but going on tour with either would just be amazing.


8)  For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words:  sassy, cheeky, fun, fresh and relatable! 


9)  WorldArts is all about giving tools and opportunities to artists.  What advice would you give aspiring musicians/artists? Don’t shy away from ANY experience… You can’t ever say no to an opportunity because you never know what may come from it – and even if nothing tangible comes from it, there’s always something invaluable to be learnt! Just go for it… Always ask yourself, what do you have to lose!


10) What’s on the radar/coming up next for you? Getting this EP released! I’m am getting so impatient with not being able to show everyone this new vibe!! Stay tuned!