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Working in The Industry


When one thinks of the music industry we usually only think of the musician, and the big-wigs at recording studios. Rarely do we think about the plethora of other people who work endlessly to help create the crystal clear sound we hear. If you’re looking to work in the industry but don’t want to be in the lime light, there’s probably a place for you. MusicThinkTank listed just a few that might catch your eye…

“1. Sound Engineer

An audio engineer is the bridge between the creative and technical sides of music. In this role, you not only need to know what sounds good, but also how to make it sound that way in both concert settings and pre- and post-production during the record-making process. Plus, this in-demand job is very attainable; with a range of training options, including with an online electrical engineering master’s degree or a sound engineering degree, you can be working in the industry in just 19 months.

2. Artists and Repertoire (A&R)

On the business side of the music industry, A&R is responsible for finding talent and bringing it into labels. But A&R does much more than that, too. According to A&R for Epic Records, Jon Tanners, in an interview for the blog Pigeons and Planes, his job also includes connecting the artist to the other creative who will contribute to their music. To make a long story short: This job is responsible for shaping the entire album.

3. Booking Agent

The music industry wouldn’t function without tours—and tours wouldn’t function without booking agents. With connections to venues worldwide, booking agents match artists to the best concert locations in places around the globe, ensuring that musicians can achieve the exposure they need, while music fans can get their fix of live music.

4. Music Supervisor

Have you ever discovered a song from the soundtrack of a movie? You can thank music supervisors for that. This job requires special knowledge of the current musical landscape, as it includes finding and arranging placement of songs in different kinds of media, from radio to television, and of course, movies.”

Depending on your talents and what you have to offer there’s most likely a place where you efforts can be utilized. Every role is just as important and together you all create a thriving industry.

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