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We’ve teamed up with Working Brilliantly Publicity


Working Brilliantly is a top indie music publicity firm that helps connect unique artists with the press and public outlets in order to help them build their brand and evolve their career. A publicity company that prides itself on honesty, and works to uplift and transform people toward a greater awareness in the music industry. Working Brilliantly specializes in comprehensive and tailored campaigns for whatever artists may need from traditional publicity, creative marketing, licensing opportunities and viral mixed media production.

At WorldArts, we enjoy helping new, young artists work on their craft and take their career to the next level. We’ve teamed up with Working Brilliantly to give all artists at WorldArts a 15% discount on any publicity campaigns they need, and also have the opportunity for their music to be featured on the Working Brilliantly licensing library.

If you’re interested in this opportunity contact Jennifer at jennifer@workingbrilliantly.com and make sure to include your WorldArts profile. For more information about Working Brilliantly you can check out their website.