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Women in Electronic Music Deserve Equal and Positive Media Coverage




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Pitchfork recently posted some interesting and
thought-provoking pieces on the way women are treated in
electronic music. They recently highlighted the struggles Björk faces as a female

Yesterday Pitchfork published an article by contributing editor
Philip Sherburne titled “EDM Has a Problem with Women, and It’s Getting
“. The article went viral in the electronic music
community, sparking a discussion about the way women are

Sherburne’s article also faces scrutiny. Pitchfork has posted
some great articles, but overall they don’t cover very many
women in electronic music.

I love that a male critic stepped up to call out other men on
their bullshit, but Pitchfork’s lack of coverage is also part
of the problem.

The article calls out Skrillex’s recent artwork that
objectifies women, but what
about the excellent releases by women on Skrillex’s
? Skrillex’s NEST label recently put out
releases from heavy hitters Anna Lunoe and Nina Las Vegas. Lunoe’s release also features a
great remix from Jubilee. None of these women have ever been
mentioned in Pitchfork.

+Anna Lunoe Walks Us Through Her Prolific Dance
Music Career…

The Pitchfork article also calls out Destructo. I agree that the objectification
of women in his songs makes me uncomfortable, but
we could also discuss the women he champions
Destructo regularly books Anna Lunoe, Tokimonsta, Nina Las
Vegas, Maya Jane Coles, and many other women for his HARD events.
He’s also very aware of the gender imbalance found at electronic music

By no means am I attacking Sherburne’s article. He
raises very valid points
, outlets like Majestic Casual should expand beyond
imagery that objectifies women. But I also think that while
Skrillex and Destructo can improve, they deserve some positive
recognition for what they’ve already done.
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One could argue that Pitchfork isn’t really an electronic music
publication, but they have coverage of Jamie XX, DJ Nigga Fox,
and Galcher Lustwerk on their homepage. They also have
coverage of Holly Herndon on their homepage, which is well

Overall, most publications could include more
positive coverage of women in the electronic music
(but this is a wider issue that applies to many
other genres). We can do a lot better than short lists of “Women in Electronic Music”.

Nina Las Vegas has unique insight on this issue, and raised
some excellent points on Twitter:



Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and
more: @nine_u

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  1. Anonymous

    Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    Anyone associated with EDM should be lucky they get any
    positive coverage.




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