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Why Did Beatport Release a Free Streaming App That Doesn’t Even Have Ads?




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SFX Entertainment’s shares aren’t doing so well. The industry
knows it and CEO Robert F.X. Sillerman knows it. This isn’t
very surprising, considering SFX’s strategy is to buy up
companies so they can cash in on the EDM boom.

Sillerman recently proposed a plan to buy up shares
and take the company private again. He proposed a price of
$4.75 per share. SFX is currently trading at $4.32.

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Positive Media Coverage

Wall Street wasn’t too happy with Sillerman’s offer.
The company went public in October 2013 with an IPO of
$13 per share. They’ve been in a constant state of decline
ever since…

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So what secret ingredient is SFX missing? Is it a
streaming service? A FREE streaming service?

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Well last month SFX-owned Beatport was converted into a streaming service.
Beatport’s digital music store is still around, but now it’s
called Beatport Pro.

The streaming service is free to use and it doesn’t even have

As of last month accounts were offered by invitation only, but
it didn’t take long to get an invitation after joining the

Beatport has now launched a free music streaming app to go with
the desktop service. The company says the service offers
millions of tracks. Thankfully, this service isn’t as robust as
other services that have advertisements and paid accounts.


The Beatport app seems focused on pushing ticket sales
to events, which makes sense since a number of EDM events are
now owned by SFX.

Beatport has partnered with Bandintown to bring event listings
to their app and website. The ticket links can be slow to
load in the Beatport app, but the Bandintown mobile experience
isn’t known for being perfect.

Other app features include Beatport curated playlists,
recommended tracks, search, and a list of favourite songs and

The app is designed to showcase hot tracks from the Beatport
Pro store, probably in hopes that users will go buy the tracks.
But as of now there’s no way to buy Beatport tracks from the


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