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What Do Daft Punk, Arcade Fire, Jason Aldean, and Rihanna Have in Common? They Own Tidal News




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The Haxan Cloak and Tri Angle Records’ complaints of being ripped off were not
even on Tidal’s radar at their launch event…

If you were hoping to learn more about Tidal’s payout structure
at their launch event, you’ll be sorely disappointed.
What we did find out is that Tidal is co-owned by Jay
Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Win Butler, Régine
Chassagne, Daft Punk, Jack White, Jason Aldean, Chris Martin,
Calvin Harris, J. Cole, deamau5, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna,
Nicki Minaj, and Usher.

Artist control was the number one reason behind this collective
purchase of a streaming system. These superstar artists
are pissed that tech companies have control, they want the
power back in their own hands.

This tells us that high profile artists will likely get a
decent revenue share, but what about the smaller artists? Who
knows… Tidal’s royalty payments might not be transparent at
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Jay Z and Daft Punk  stressed that artists aren’t
just a product for tech companies, saying this is what the
industry has been waiting for. It’s true, we have been waiting
for something like this, even the major labels are getting sick of
free streaming services — and they own part of them!

All of Tidal’s co-owners are passionate about music, and
they’ve worked their butts off to make it in the industry.
But will they remember the little guys now that they have their
own shiny new streaming service?

The launch event took shots at both Spotify and Apple/Beats
Music. Jay Z blasted services that focus on selling hardware.
Radiohead played on the speakers as these
celebrities signed some kind of Tidal Bill of Rights. Tidal
also made sure to secure Taylor Swift‘s catalog before the event.
Will these artists resist the urge to cash in
like Beats Music did?

The only other detail that was revealed about the service is
that Tidal has entered a partnership with Sprint.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and
more: @nine_u

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