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Watch Out: The Orchard Builds a Royalty Processing Platform…




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News recently surfaced that Sony is purchasing the rest of The Orchard. Sony
already owned a sizable amount of the distributor, possibly
around 51 percent. Sony’s full purchase is expected to close
after March.

The Orchard is wasting no time. They are already buying up and
investing in other companies.
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The company announced that they have acquired RoyaltyShare, a
digital revenue managment company for the music and book
industries. The Orchard says that RoyaltyShare launched the
first online revenue and master royalties platform for
indie labels and distributors.

The Orchard has also invested in Korrect, a
software company for royalty processing, metadata management,
and sales analysis.

RoyaltyShare, Korrect, and The Orchard will unite to
create a standalone royalty processing platform. This new
platform will seamlessly connect to The Orchard’s client


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more: @nine_u

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