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WA Sessions Ep. 1: Fraser Churchill


Fraser Churchill sung a raw and acoustic set on the WorldArts stage Monday to kick off the 2016 WA Sessions, a new series that will feature emerging artists from across the globe. Fraser performed three stripped-down songs to promote his upcoming EP which will be released late summer 2016. Watch the recordings of “Easy,” “Oxygen,” and “City” in the first WA Session below.

Thanks to World Arts for featuring me! Coming soon 🙂

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The 24-year-old London native developed his sound at an early age singing in gospel choirs and attending jazz concerts in his free time. With a voice like Andy Grammer and the soulfulness of John Mayer, Fraser’s sound is catchy, powerful and pure.

“It’s crazy how sometimes a song takes like two years,” Fraser says in his WA Sessions interview. “You forget all about it and it pops up randomly”. Writing and producing music has been the forefront of his visit to the U.S. and Fraser is currently dedicating his time to getting his foot in the music industry.

His journey toward becoming a full-time musician and creating his own sound is communicated through his song “City,” which he describes as being, “about being a new place you’ve never been before” and, “that essence of being who ever you want to be”.

As his career begins to take off, Fraser will spend the remainder of his time in Los Angeles writing and playing smaller, more intimate gigs to focus on creating more songs before recording his full-length album.

WA Sessions Ep. 1: Fraser Churchill

Fraser Churchill’s music video for “Oxygen”:

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