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WA Sessions Ep. 8: Lauren Ruth Ward


Lauren’s voice is a flutter in a dangerous storm. Concluding WorldArts’ first round of in-studio sessions was singer/songwriter Lauren Ruth Ward alongside guitarist Eduardo “Eddie” Josue. Together with the band they played two unreleased songs and one song off of Lauren’s debut self-titled EP, released last year.

Packed with chaotic bursts of emotion and hard-edged vocals, Lauren no doubt proved that singing and performing is the best form of therapy. The somewhat callous yet brutally honest lyrics Lauren sung came from a place deep within, most prominently in her unreleased song “Blue Collar Sex Kitten” when she says, “thought you found Jesus in me while I laid there f-f-f-fakin’.” Her powerful voice tells the audience she means what she says and she isn’t afraid to say it.

The band followed their set with “Heart In The States,” which Lauren says is about a failed long distance relationship. She recorded it with Eddie and they will be releasing a music video for it soon. Bringing a lighter mood with “Did I Offend you,” Lauren says this song is about “remembering whats important in life.”

Earlier this year Lauren Ruth Ward performed at a Sofar Sounds event at the WorldArts stage, stripping down her rock songs to intimate acoustic performances. Check out her Sofar episode of “Did I Offend You” here.

Lauren will be performing WorldArts’ first show of our residency at Three Clubs on September 3rd.


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