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WA Sessions Ep. 7 – Valley Queen


Valley Queen, described as “a hybrid of southern rock and Motown, with traces of 1970s canyon rock,” brought an energized set to the WorldArts Culver City Studio Tuesday. Scroll down to watch their full WA Session below.

The Los Angeles-based band, comprised of Natalie Carol (singer/guitar), Neil Wogensen (bass), Shawn Morons (guitar), and Gerry Doot (guitar), is quickly making their way into the music scene. From playing at SXSW, recording an NPR Tiny Desk, and touring the US, Valley Queen’s soulful folk/rock sound is gaining momentum. For a fairly new band, they performed seamlessly. NPR’s Bob Boilen from All Songs Considered said, “its members played like veterans” and compared their rich sound to Neil Young.


“I grew up in Little Rock, I came out here for school and it was kind of a whimsical school choice…but I didn’t know anyone but it was very strange for the first two years,” Natalie said in her WA interview. “I was very young and had never lived anywhere but Arkansas before and music was the foundation that gave me the sense of security here. I first started playing with our old guitar player, David, who really encouraged me to write and really said, ‘these are good’, ‘people should hear these songs.”

Valley Queen performed their songs “My Man,” “Puritan,” and “Pulled By The Weather” in their WA Session.

“We all have a unique perspective on our tastes and so I’ll be thinking this is sort of like Destroyer and someone else will be like oh this is like Fleetwood Mac, or some other reference and I feel like that all comes together in a weird way,” said Shawn. “I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and even though we don’t do riff-bass kind of stuff there is some of that idea in there, like being a kid and being obsessed with music.”

Throughout August and September, Valley Queen will be on tour across the US. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

“We played much quieter than we normally do, its definitely a stripped down situation but thats kind of the beauty of it and Bob calls everyone from the different departments to just watch,” Natalie said about their Tiny Desk show.  Watch their full Tiny Desk episode here: