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WA Sessions Ep. 6: The Bulls


WorldArts featured indie-rock duo The Bulls for the sixth episode of WA Sessions. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Anna Bulbrook joined forces with guitarist Marc Sallis from The Duke Spirit to create an entirely new and rejuvenating sound. Watch The Bulls perform their songs “Come Unwound,” “Small Problems,” and “Rumors” in the video below.

The band’s sound and mission didn’t just stem from one idea. It’s the years of experience, the people they’ve met and Anna’s continuous drive to inspire women to take the spotlight that makes The Bulls unique. Anna, most famously known for her time as the violinist in The Airborne Toxic event, noticed an unsettling trend during her time touring and performing: the shortage of female leads in the music industry.  After attending the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls’ showcase, Anna was inspired to create #GIRLSCHOOL last August, a festival dedicated to feature five female-fronted bands.28561815601_980617a68a_o

“I was a classically trained violinist, but it never occurred to me that playing in a band was something you could do until I graduated from college and moved to Los Angeles,” Anna said. It wasn’t until she “discovered indie-rock and Kanye West” that she realized an instrument such as the violin isn’t constrained to the classical genre.

“I was like whoah you could play the violin and it’s cool in a band. I had always loved like Nico and stuff. Then I got this weird gig playing on the side of a mountain in aspen with Kanye West,” said Anna. Shortly after she joined The Airborne Toxic Event.

“A year ago I visited Rock and Roll Camp for Girls LA and I had just a mind scrambling amazing reprograming experience where I realized holy hell I’ve been in an alternative rock band for 10 years and I’m often the only woman around, the only one on stage and I dove into this all female utopia that is Rock Camp where you use music more to teach girls how to be rad and take up space and just be awesome than it is about teaching hard core music,” Anna said. It’s not something you realize until you’re in it. Anna explains that something like this is what she’s been missing for years. So when The Bulls wrapped up their residency at The Satellite last summer, Anna launched #GIRLSCHOOL.

Anna spoke to us about the return of #GIRLSCHOOL, which is scheduled for this coming January 2017. Follow their Twitter and Facebook for more updates regarding upcoming shows, new releases, and more.