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WA Sessions Ep. 2: False North


“They say growing up is fun but it’s taking us one-by-one.”

Arizona based band False North sings about something we know all too well: the hardships of entering the seemingly dystopian world of adulthood. In their debut album Burning Fast, False North wholeheartedly captures themes of aging and maturing – even when it means losing close friends along the way. False North stopped by the WorldArts Culver City studio Monday to share their stories and record their WA Sessions episode, wrapping up their first US West Coast tour.

With soft vocals comparable to the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas and musical riffs like California band Wavves, the college quartet is described as combining, “buzz-chimed rhymes with melodic harmonies to create a modern sound all their own.”

Left to Right: Sean Wilson,

The band is comprised of Sean Wilson (vocals/guitar), Ryan Orr (lead guitar), Conner Libera (backing vocals/bass), and Greg Grandlienard (drums/percussion). The virtually organic creation of this alternative rock band emerged out of Flagstaff, AZ when bassist Conner approached Ryan and Sean to form a band as a college side project. Little did they know it would evolve into something so much more.

WA Sessions False North
False North singer Sean Wilson in WA Sessions  Ep. 2 (PC: Amy Waters)

False North opened their WA session strong with “Knifepoint Robbery,” blaming the “glamorous” façade of adulthood for luring in the youth too soon. Though the lyrics can get washed out through the upbeat drumming and strums of the electric guitar, a few listens will have you drawn to the sincerity in their words. “Oh we’re running this race, acting older than our age, always logging for the next page, speeding in the highest gear more out of control than I feared,” Sean sings. “Let’s just stop this thing right here and live right now”. False North sings to not only listeners their age, but anyone and everyone who feels their life is moving a little too fast.

The set continued with the songs “A Flare in the Dark” and “Minnesota,” which, Sean explains in his interview, aren’t about what they seem to be. Watch the full-length episode below: 

False North also released their first music video last month for their song Knife Point Robbery.  Get transported into their daily life of road trips, live shows, and of course, pizza.