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WA Session Ep. 4: Bodegas


On first listen, you know this is not just another SoCal band. Bodegas stopped by WorldArts Tuesday to record the 4th Sessions episode, explain the meaning behind their latest album “9 to 5”, and play cards against humanity.

a0193945926_16From their hometown of Covina, Bodegas is rapidly gaining momentum within the SoCal music scene, earning their spot on the Desert Daze lineup on October 14-16 in Joshua Tree. They will be playing alongside some of our favorites: Primus, Washed out, Deerhunter and many more.

Bodegas began with their song “9 to 5”, which is also the name of their first album they released last year. “Anything from the lyrics to the cover to the songs they kind of reflect that period of our time,” lead singer Chris Swanson said.

The cover art for “9 to 5” perfectly symbolizes what the album is all about.  At first glance, it appears to be a photo capturing a kid’s birthday party accompanied by balloons, party hats, cake and friends. With a closer look, you see members Chris Swanson, George Pantoja, Angel Aldana and Ross Manzo hanging by the balloons spelling out the album title “9 to 5” – which to working adults immediately reminds us of long days and low pay.   If that doesn’t blatantly say “worked to death”, than I don’t know what else does. Chris said that with the help of his friends and family, the cover art was created in just one day.

Check out their Facebook page and blog for more updates on the band’s tour dates and latest releases.