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Why You Should Be Using Instagram as a Musician (And All Its Dirty Secrets)



Authors note: I do not work for Instagram nor am I endorsed by them (believe me, I wish I was). In fact, I don’t particularly like social media of any kind. But the passion I have to play music for a living supersedes my distaste for the oftentimes vapid world of selfies. And I’m glad I pushed through that, because music brothers and sisters, I have seen the light!

I have spent the last months learning the ins and outs of Instagram. I took a couple of lessons from a New York marketing firm, read endless blogs, and, through trial and error, found the right ingredients to grow my Instafanbase to just over 3,000 real followers. I have had a lot of new fans buying my music, coming to shows and sharing my music, and unlike Facebook, I have not had to pay a cent for it!

Getting Started—An Effective Profile
Here’s the first counterintuitive rule. Increasing your fan base via Instagram is 20% about having 20 to 30 great pictures and 80% searching hashtags. I will explain this further but for now, all I am saying is you don’t need to post photographs every day to grow your account. In fact, that won’t help new fans discover you at all.