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Universal Spent $12M To Win “Pyrrhic Victory” Against Michael Robertson, MP3tunes



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Universal Music

has been chasing MP3tunes since 2009. Whatever
the merits of labels taking legal action music tech companies
from Napster to Grooveshark,
the cost of these lawsuits are indirectly born by
 and almost never are financial
wins shared
with them.

In recent court filings, attorneys for Universal Music Group
seek an additional $7,195,000 in legal fees in their case
against MP3tunes and founder Michael Robertson.
 Previously, the courts awarded UMG attorneys $5 million
in fees.

If the request stands,  Universal Music’s legal team will
have been paid  in excess $12 million to win a judgement
of $12,241,000 against Robertson and $11 million against a
bankrupt MP3tunes

In the filing U.S. District Court Judge William
Pauley blames both sides for the drawn out litigation and

Michael Roberston
says that the final decision
which effectively netted $12 million in damages “suggests a
Pyrrhic victory.”

Robertson had been found liable for direct infringement
for transferring some unlicensed songs. The judge also found
that “users of MP3tunes unlawfully copied songs from
unauthorized third-party websites” and ruled that the company
had not removed after they were identified, as the DMCA



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