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Universal Music Agrees To Settle Chuck D, Rick James Digital Royalties Class Action Suit For $11.5M



chuck D
Creative label accounting
with outdated laws led to underpaid
who had no choice but to take labels,
digital broadcasters and others to court.
the first round of lawsuits are being
, but you can be sure that more will follow.

Universal Music Group and plaintiffs’ attorneys
representing clients in class action lawsuits regarding digital
music download royalties today submitted a settlement of $11.5
million for preliminary court approval.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs including the estate of
Rick James, Chuck D of Public Enemy, and others alleged that
UMG failed to pay proper royalties when consumers bought

Under the settlement UMG will pay a maximum of $11.5
million to for past digital download activity, cover attorneys’
fees and also increase digital download royalties by
approximately 10% going forward to class members who submit a


In a statement, UMG commented, “Although we are confident
we appropriately paid royalties on digital downloads and
adhered to the terms of contracts, we are pleased to amicably
resolve this matter and avoid continued legal

Len Simon, one of the lead plaintiffs’ attorneys, said,
“This settlement is a fair resolution of this controversy over
how to compensate artists for their valuable work in a new
medium which we believe was not contemplated by their
contracts, many drafted in the 1970s or 1980s. And it
compensates these artists now, rather than after additional
years of litigation and uncertainty.”

Are You Owed Money?

If you were ever signed to Capital or Universal you may
be eligible. According to the press release, class members can
learn more about the settlement, including how to submit claims
at www.umgsettlement.com. Of course, the site isn’t
ready yet… 

Welcome to www.umgsettlement.com


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