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Topsify To Begin Delivery Of Personalized Playlists Via Drone



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That’s right
a true music industry first. Leading
playlisting service, Topsify, has employed the
use of geo-targeting to deliver user playlists to their
exact location via drone. 


How on earth does this work?

It’s quite simple really. Using cutting edge geo-targeting
technology to track the user’s IP address, once a playlist is
selected, that playlist is burned directly to a compact disc
(CD) and flown immediately to the user by a drone. 

Kieron Donoghue from Topsify described where
the vision came from. “We wanted to be the first
playlisting service to harness the power of drone technology to
bring some fun into the world.
Yes we live in a
streaming age but what could be more exciting that being having
a physical copy of your chosen playlist delivered from the

Take that, Jay-Z. 

Is it the most practical solution on the table for saving the
music business? Probably not – but it’s a resourceful one. And,
let’s be honest, it’s plausibly more efficient than trying to
stream music off of Comcast’s internet service. 

Submissions are now open for your chance to
have your playlist delivered to you by the flying Topsify
Drone.  Visit http://topsify.com/delivery/

Additionally, Happy April Fools Day. 



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