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Top Reasons Our Public Schools Should Emphasize Music Education



in public schools is on
its way out
. The benefits of having a strong
musical foundation are proven. It’s time we join the
fight to keep the programs
jeopardy alive. 


Music education has been on the steady decline in public
schools, and unfortunately, the future looks bleak. When it
comes to public budget, the first thing that seems to go are
programs that are seen as “extras.” However, the problem is
that the programs that seem like extras often provide benefits
that go further than a textbook. Anica Oaks shares in this
article reasons why we should not overlook the benefits
of a music education. 

There are many benefits to having a solid musical foundation.
Children who are immersed in music have higher IQs than their
non-musical counterparts. This is mostly due to the
increase in brain development that happens when children are
exposed to musical education.
Further down the line,
music education can positively impact overall academic success.
To learn about the many reasons why music education should be
emphasized more in public schools, check out Anica
‘ article on MusicThinkTank.com

“People tend to regard music rather like an exotic spice
added to food. While exotic spices make food wonderfully
flavorful, they are expensive and may not add nutritional
value. When education funds become less available, one of the
first programs that many schools cut are music programs.
However, there are several neurological studies that show that
music does indeed add the equivalent of nutritional value to
the brain.”

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