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Top Music Industry April Fools Pranks



Early this
morning, Rdio revealed the streaming service
struck a strategic partnership with iconic Cats of the
after a top-secret meeting prior to the
GRAMMYs. In celebration, purr to the “Meow Mix”
and welcome Rdio-Meowz on



Lalakazoo | A Tribute To The

Berklee President Roger Brown, currently
traveling in India, filmed an announcement that was released to the
Berklee community this mornin
g. To illustrate the
instrument’s impact, he enlisted a number of world-renowned
musicians to share their feelings on the kazoo, including
Sean Jones, Terri Lyne Carrington, Livingston Taylor,
and Christopher Guest. 

 Ultimate Rick-Roll 

Today, the fun folks at SoundHound, the gateway to all-things music
search, discovery and play, are giving their 250+ million users
a special treat in celebration of April Fool’s Day: anyone who
clicks on the SoundHound homepage card for the “Top SoundHounded
Artist on the Charts” this week will automatically be
redirected to an auto preview play of Rick
Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. Users can then
get in on the fun and check out more of Rick’s music and his
awesomely good/bad video…if they choose.

Topsify Drone Troll 

Today Topsify launched a new playlist delivery service powered
by drones. Kieron Donoghue from
 described where the vision came from.
We wanted to be the first playlisting service to
harness the power of drone technology to bring some fun into
the world.
 Yes we live in a streaming age but
what could be more exciting that being having a physical copy
of your chosen playlist delivered from the sky!?”



iHeart Radio Launches iHarp

Whether you like it or not, you’ve probably heard T
Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ enough times to know just about every
note by heart. You can now take fandom a step further with
#iHarpRadio and hear the likes of Taylor Swift and compatriots
like Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran on, yes, the harp. The site
is complete with cascading cat .gifs and an embedded feed of
#iHarpRadio tweets – you can check out both the site and
station here





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