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Tim Bowman (feat. Stokley) releases new video “All I Need Is Love”!


Tim Bowman has released the video for his new single All I Need Is Love! The track is the second single release, following City Lights, off his latest EP Into the Blue. All I Need Is Love is a captivating, love song that’s very personal to Bowman. “I wanted to have a song that says how I feel about my life and my wife,” he says. “I just wanted to tell the story about what really matters. To me, it’s not about being rich or poor, successful or not. The bottom line is love”. Bowman’s spanish guitar also shines on Into the Blue‘s ballads like Tan Hermosa (So Beautiful) and Love Forever More. “When I pick up that nylon string guitar, the first thing that comes to mind is romance,” he says. “It’s just more of a melodic, romantic instrument to me because of the tone of it”. This renowned musician has been melding smooth jazz, gospel, R&B, soul and blues effortlessly throughout his thirty year career in music. “I like the romantic music, the more bluesy styles, the smooth grooves,” Bowman states, “but what I wanted to do on this album is put all of those on one record, have something for everybody”. Into the Blue marks the seventh studio album from this Detroit native, who grew up playing guitar in church, before attending the College of Creative Studies, and serving as the musical director for gospel luminaries The Winans before embarking on his solo career.

The Motor City was the perfect place to cultivate Bowman’s unique sound. After leaving The Winans, he released his debut album Love, Joy, Peace, which garnered heavy smooth jazz radio airplay, after peaking at number 19 on the Gavin Smooth Jazz Charts and number 20 on Radio & Record Magazine’s album charts in 1997. Following the release of Paradise and Smile in 2004, Bowman premiered his fourth collection, This is What I Hear which featured the smash number 1 single, Summer Groove. His 2008 self-titled fifth album featured Sweet Sundays, which topped at number 1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Singles Chart along with the single Rapture, which featured saxophonist Najee. In 2010, Bowman dropped The Collection, which showcased some of his finest work and highlighted the unique depth of his songwriting. The Collection featured the Jazz radio smash Let It Shine, which also hit number 1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Singles Chart. While Bowman is grateful for his accomplishments, he says his goal has always been to create music that genuinely connects with people. “I’ve always tried to make music that people could get lost into,” he says. “I wanted to take a ride and tell a story and hope every melody is a melody that they can take home and whistle, something that grabs them and doesn’t let them go.”

Watch the new video for All I Need Is Love and download the new EP Into The Blue on all platforms today!


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