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They Might Be Giants Ask, “Why Can’t We Get a Statement from Spotify?”




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John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants


…from a Bloomberg interview this week:

Pimm Fox (Host): So you brought us up to
the 1990s, but, you stopped —

John Flansburgh: But then there’s the dynamic
internet years, the failed Vodka launches [laughs], um … no we
basically got into MP3s right as the whole Napster thing was
happening.  And we actually released an album online very
early on.  And, we’ve embraced a lot of technologies as
they’ve come along, and what’s funny is that if you just take
that on as a posture, people tend to think of you as being
very market savvy, or brand — thinking about what your brand is
doing.  But I think for us, it’s just an excuse to do
a different kind of work.

Fox: So I wanted to tie back to MP3s for just
for a moment, because of course now streaming music is Pandora,
is Spotify, or is all of these kinds of things —

Flansburgh: — all that money.

Fox: Right? Which you can’t
necessarily get your hands around.

Flansburgh: I keep on wondering why you can’t get a
legitimate statement from Spotify and Pandora.  It’s like
that part of it has to remain a mystery.  But when you
consider that everything — the records are so easy to keep now,
why can’t they just pass them along to the artist?

Fox: Like tell you how many people listened…

Flansburgh: Yeah. Absolutely.

Fox: …and how many songs they listened to, and
what songs they liked the most?

Flansburgh: Absolutely.

John Linnell: Well it’s like the IRS, the
nerve center actually has the least amount of information
about themselves.

Flansburgh: I think it’s more like Netflix,
that they just don’t want you to know.  There are so many
hit shows on Netflix.

Linnell: Well I think that’s what the IRS is
good at.

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Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    Thursday, April 2, 2015

    Statements go to rightsholders, not the artists, but it
    sounds like he also wants analytics on his plays, which are
    available to artists. Weird.

  2. jot

    Thursday, April 2, 2015

    Artists/composers should talk to the labels and publishing
    companies who are probably withholding the money
    distributing from Spotify/Pandora. Some blame is due for
    shady royalty tactics on their part.

    The streaming services aren’t innocent, but they’re taking
    more of the blame than is deserved.

  3. Wooly

    Thursday, April 2, 2015

    This is a non-issue. Artists can get a breakdown of their
    metrics and payouts related to those metrics from Spotify.




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