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The Musician’s Guide to Tumblr


In the past four years Tumblr has exploded all of the world. It’s been given the label of a place for hipster youngins’ to go and share pretty much anything and everything. It’s also a great place for musicians to promote themselves, their music, and their interests.

“So First, What is Tumblr in Straight Up Technical Terms?

To clarify – Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking site.

What makes Tumblr unique is 1.) it makes it really, really, really easy for users/fans to share your blogged content (and vice versa) and 2.) it’s super chill (free format).

It’s described as being “so easy to use it’s hard to explain”

Free Format? – That Sounds A Little Intimidating. 

Just stay with me.

As with any blog, your Tumblr is what you make it. As a musician, you’re probably like “Nah, you’re just saying that. I have to use it as a promotional tool”, and I’m here to tell you “No not really. It’s probably best to think of Tumblr as a well-branded creative space.”

What Other Artists Are Doing – 

As Your Website

Sky Ferreira uses her Tumblr as her official website. She has pages that include all of the info you’d have on a regular website such as tour dates, photos, merchandise, etc. She keeps her content fresh by having her Instagram feed onto her homepage.

*Getting a little ahead of ourselves, but if you’d like to know how to add your Instagram photos onto your Tumblr, here’s a great How To.

Using Tumblr as your official website is definitely taking the road less traveled by, but it works for some. Just remember that Tumblr is still a social platform in many ways (this we’ll get into a little later) and it’s always in your best interest to be wary of the fact that they can change the rules on you.

Other artists who use Tumblr as official websites are Diiv and Modern Baseball.

As a Blog Hosted on Your Website/ A Blog on It’s Own 

You can also use it as a blog that you host on your website like Grimes does, or just a creative space where you post and reblog (I’ll fill you in on reblogging) things that inspire or interest you like MS MR does.

Using Tumblr as an outlet to promote yourself and interact with your fans is still fairly fresh, so get a head start!

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