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The Data Behind A Hit Single.

The Data Behind A Hit Single.

In a recent article from Ticketbis, it was discovered that all hit singles have some qualities alike. Of course, the key to a successful track is not entirely possible to find, read below for some secrets to help create a chart- topping song.


“Formula for the perfect Number One single revealed

Music fans prefer the male vocal, with 53% of number ones performed by male musicians

34% of songs topping the charts are pop songs

The length of a song is a key contributing factor to chart dominance. Three minute songs are most likely to earn a number one spot; the 216 hits in this bracket have managed a total 361 weeks at number one, earning them each an average of 1.67 weeks at the top.

The article also includes a series of data that was found regarding how long songs typically stay on the top charts, the lengths of the most popular songs, and what percentage of popular songs are bands vs. solos.

Thomas Mesa, Country Manager UK & Ireland from Ticketbis said: “This in-depth analysis has revealed the ideal formula to achieving a number one single. Any up and coming artists can look at this new information as a great insight into how to succeed in the music industry and achieve that ultimate goal of a number one single in the UK.”

Mix these tips all together and stir up your own rhythm!

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