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Take A Peak Into OUE’s Skyspace in DTLA


We are excited to announce our 2017 partnership with OUE Skyspace Los Angeles! In 2017, we will be hosting our brand new concert series, “Sounds on 70,” on the 70th floor of OUE Skyspace and we wanted to give you the inside scoop on this special experience brought to LA. OUE Skyspace is situated on top of the U.S. Bank Tower in the heart of downtown Los Angeles providing visitors with breathtaking views and a classy lounge space to take it all in.

Skyspace11OUE is a public international real estate company based in Singapore. The company takes pride in their innovative and forward thinking perspective when it comes to real estate spaces, so naturally they took their expertise to the U.S. and wanted to expand in the Los Angeles in a major way since it’s their first investment outside of Asia.

Skyspace3When first entering the building you’ll take an elevator to the 54th floor where you can see all of the interactive experiences including time lapse videos of the city and art installations.

IMG_1349Once you’ve perused through the 54th floor, you can make your way to the 70th floors home to OUE’s Skyspace with the infamous skyslide, amazing views, lounge space and an observation deck. The skyslide is 1.25 inch thick three-ply glass made to sustain winds up to 110 miles per hour. The quick, exhilarating skyslide starts from the inside of the 70th floor and transports riders to the observation deck on the 69th floor.

Skyspace2This week we got to sit down with John Gamboa, Senior Vice President of OUE Skyspace to get an understanding of how Skyspace came to be and is becoming one of Los Angeles’ hot spots to visit.

WorldArts: First off, what inspired bringing Skyspace and the skyslide to Los Angeles?

John Gamboa: You know, Skyspace and the skyslide are basically the center piece of OUE’s master plan to re-position the U.S. Bank Tower, and make it something that we can share with the public and the community. It started with the idea that we wanted to share it, not just with LA locals, but everybody. We knew we wanted to make our first impression outside of the Asia something special that Los Angeles can be proud of. LA is a world city that definitely deserves something like this, and we wanted to contribute to the revitalization of the city.

WorldArts: What is your favorite part of Skyspace?

JG: We’re actually sitting right here [the observation deck]. Skyspace is inspired by the golden hour, right when the sun and the lighting is beautiful and you get the perfect shot. Golden hour is a term cinematographers and photographers are familiar with especially in LA. So 365 days a year we want to offer a picturesque view of Los Angeles and greater southern California for visitors to come see and enjoy.

IMG_1285WorldArts: How was having Kendall Jenner hosting your grand opening party with a performance by Travis Scott?

JG: You know, it was amazing to have those performers here. It’s really special to have performers come to this unique space because it’s intimate and has an indoor outdoor environment giving us this feeling of being at an amphitheater. Skyspace offers an environment where you’re immersed in sights and sound, making live shows extra special.

WorldArts: Any tips for future visitors, or maybe people that aren’t from Los Angeles, on how to make the most of their Skyspace experience?

JG: I recommend that they come to OUE SKyspace first if they’re new or visiting Los Angeles. You can come here and can map out your entire itinerary here because you can see all the different parts of the city. You can see where everything is around the city and pick out a sequencing for your trip since everything is so spread out in this city, it’s good to be strategic. And obviously, you have to ride the skyslide!

WorldArts: What’s next for OUE Skyspace? Any future plans for the space in the works?

JG: We definitely have some plans that are in the works but at the moment I can’t share much. But we always continue to look for opportunities to transform communities.

Right now Skyspace will be closed November 11-30 in honor of Veteran’s Day and to perform routine maintenance and enhancement of the space. But you can still purchase tickets for when the space opens back up in December! Tickets can be purchased here. Keep scrolling to see more photos from our visit to OUE’s Skyspace.






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