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Starting Next Week Google Will Penalize Sites That Aren’t Mobile Friendly




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Don’t have a mobile website? You can’t hide any longer.
(You may be noting that DMN doesn’t have a mobile site.
This is something we’re working on.)

On Tuesday, April 21st websites that aren’t mobile friendly
will be penalized. Google searches made from mobile devices
will lower the rankings of non-friendly sites, and will boost
the ranking of sites that are mobile optimized.

This applies to all industries and all languages, no one is
safe from the new requirements. Around 80 percent of adults have smartphones, so
these changes should only help you.
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Google offers a mobile friendly testing tool so you can
find out if your website is up to par.
If your site
doesn’t pass, the tool will tell you why and will let you know
what you need to do to improve the site.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and
more: @nine_u

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