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Sofar Sounds at WorldArts


Friday, October 28, we were lucky enough to host Sofar Sounds showcase at our WorldArts event space. SOFAR stands for songs from a room, and was inspired by the idea of creating a better way for people to view live music. Since the company was founded in 2010, they have grown and now takes place in over 280 cities worldwide. Friday’s showcase featured performances by Feli and the Lemon Shakers, Venus and the Moon and Hamish Anderson.

One beautiful thing about Sofar Sounds events is their four rules they tell attendees before starting the night. 1. No talking. It’s important to respect the artists and pay attention to the music and performance they’ve spent countless hours on. 2. Use social media. Don’t have your phone out Snapchatting the entire performance, but if you do use it to spread the word about the artists and their music. Most people that perform at Sofar Sounds are emerging artists and looking for new fans to discover them. 3. Stay the whole time. At Sofar Sounds events they pick three acts to perform four songs, trying to give their audiences a carefully curated line-up and a better way to experience new live music. They provide condensed sets of some of the best emerging talent and encourage the audience to stay and experience the night in it’s entirety. 4. See these artists again. At Sofar Sounds they focus on creating new bonds between artists and fans. In Los Angeles the emerging music scene is huge, and they have targeted audiences that are open to hearing new music.

30333649260_aae6c11121_oThe indie-pop folk night started off with a performance by Feli and the Lemonshakers, headed by singer, songwriter Felicia Soumah. Feli and the Lemonshakers started performing two and a half years ago, starting out with three original members and doubled in size ever since with Linda Tova (back-up vocals & percussion), Anwar Glenn (guitar and back-up vocal), Jonah Wei-Haas (keys), Carlos Fornie (drums) and Alfredo Lopez (bass). The band has an indie-pop vibe with a touch of soul with Felicia’s sweet and soothing vocals. They debuted their newest song “Fall” for us at Sofar Sounds, but check out more tunes from them on SoundCloud.

30545525511_95d01220c0_oVenus and the Moon, a blues folk group consisting of Frally Hynes (vocals & acoustic guitar), Rain Phoenix (vocals) and Chris Stills (electric & acoustic guitar). The band’s sound is hauntingly soothing with nostalgic songs coming from real life experiences. The group recently recorded their latest album “Brother, Son” on 4-track cassette tape, and will be heading south to start touring for their album.


Hamish Anderson closed out Sofar Sounds after a long month of album release parties in celebration of the release of his debut album “Trouble.” The blues-rock singer, songwriter and guitarist is from Melbourne, Australia, currently based in Los Angeles. He just finished up touring, but hopefully has a lot more in store with the release of his debut album.

If you’re interested in checking out some well curated emerging live music be sure to check out Sofar Sounds and check out events in a city near you! You can check out our full photo album from the night on our Flickr page.

Photos by Amy Waters.



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