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Snapchat Captures The Attention Of Notoriously Inattentive Millennials



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have a bad rap as being off-the-chart distracted.
truth is (speaking from experience) that’s the truth. With the
demand for instant gratification increasing and the average
attention span declining, Snapchat’s 10-second-or less
rule just might be a homerun. 


The problem with millennials (anyone age 18-34) is that
we all remember a life before technology took over
, and in 2105, that is both a blessing and a
curse. When we were growing up, computers were stationary and
pixelated, cellphones were attached to cars, and the VHS video
drawer was our Netflix. We sat in our living rooms with our
cassette tapes waiting for our favorite song to come back on
the radio hoping there would be an intro before it started
playing so we wouldn’t miss the first few seconds. We
paid attention.
Those were the days… but those days
are long gone. 

Going from
a world where dial-up internet was cutting edge to storing all
of our most important information in a cloud is a pretty huge
jump to make in a decade. Technology has taken off
irreversibly, and with it, so goes our

Snapchat has strategically capitalized on the
ever-shrinking window of attention people are willing to
Replacing the increasingly taxing task of
logging into Facebook to actually read what your friends are
doing, Snapchat, only allowing ten seconds per “snap”, shortens
the experience to quick, image-driven “stories”. 

With a clear method to their madness, Snapchat has attracted
more millennials than any other social network. According
to new
comScore data
 charted by BI
, 71% of Snapchat users are
millennials, an 18% lead over the next closest network,


Business Insider conducted a study revealing 77% of
college students use the app daily,
but more
importantly, 73% of the surveyed students said they would open
a Snapchat from a brand they knew and 45% would even open a
Snapchat from a brand they didn’t know.

The moral of the story? If you’re not using Snapchat to
draw your fans in, now would be a good time to start.

Make an exclusive announcement, share behind the scenes clips
from your tour, give out discounts, or preview new content. The
possibilities are endless, and the audience is there. 



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