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Rocket LIVE on the WorldArts Stage!


After being chosen as “Best Up-and-Coming Los Angeles Bands in 2016” by CBS Los Angeles, ROCKET stopped by the WorldArts Stage for an exclusive Periscope performance and interview!

Based out of Los Angeles with music in the vein of Paramore, Foo Fighters, Joan Jett and Stone Temple Pilots, ROCKET has recently released their music video for their single “Hey Baby” as a follow-up to their radio single and current EP “The Singles.” With Janelle Barreto on lead vocals, Eric Wibbelsmann on lead guitar, Bill Luna on bass, and Paul DePatie on drums, ROCKET put on a great performance and entertained over 152 live Periscope viewers with their energetic pop-punk songs. If you missed the Periscope session, take a look at their live performance videos of original songs “Fever”, “Giants”, and “Fading Out”.

ROCKET is currently slated to return back into the recording studio to record highly anticipated yet-to-be released tracks. Check out their exclusive interview with us to learn more about them and what to expect in 2016!

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