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Releasing New Music: Working With (Or Around) World Release Day



President of Pledge Music, recently gave an
interview exploring best practices for indie artists
releasing new music
on or around the newly mandated
World Release Day. 


Guest Post by Chris Robley on
The DIY Musician

The International Federation of Phonographic Industry
has announced that starting this summer, “new
albums and singles will be released at 00:01 local time on

In the US, we’re used to new releases coming out on Tuesdays,
but the IFPI is making Friday the international standard for a
couple reasons: 1) they hope that releasing new music on payday
will equal more music sales, and 2) since everyone is online
these days, staggered release dates don’t make a whole lot of
sense anymore.

According to Benji Rogers (president of PledgeMusic),
in a recent interview he gave on the
subject of World Release Day:

… the shift will work well for the major
that have been lobbying for such a move, since they
will continue to receive the lion’s share of attention…

Attention on social media will
likely cater to the ones putting significant ad dollars behind
it, creating a funnel effect where everyone vies for attention
at the same time.

The obvious outcome is that it’s going to unfortunately
become too easy for some artists to get lost in the

In this way, it’s important for artists to begin to think
outside the box when it comes to approaching their

What does Benji mean when he says “outside the

Basically he advises
that because all social media, press, and advertising on
Thursdays and Fridays will be focused on new releases from
major artists and buzz bands, you might want to launch YOUR
next single, album, or artist experience at a different time on
a different day — preferably a time when your fans are highly
engaged online that doesn’t fall on a Thursday or Friday.

“This is an industry-wide decision, but personally I have to
question the logic of everyone doing something at the same
time,” says Benji. “The Internet just isn’t about that.”

Check out the full interview with Benji
Rogers HERE.

When are your fans most active online? What do you think of
World Release Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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