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Record Store Day 2015 Spotlight: Bull Moose Music – hypebot



music fans who prefer to listen to
music on vinyl  will be rewarded with special
releases that validate their passion. Today,
the Music Business
 highlights Record Store
participant, Bull Moose


Guest Post from The Music Business

Bull Moose
Multiple locations throughout Maine and New Hampshire

crowd - big overheadWhy is physical retail so

Hardcore music fans need the artifact—the CD or LP—so
they head to real stores first. They sample online or stream,
but when they emotionally connect to an artist, they need
something tangible that sounds good. They also want all the
songs, even the weird ones other people don’t quite get at

Bull MooseWhat’s your favorite Record Store Day

One of our regulars is a metal dude with speakers mounted
to his wheelchair. He couldn’t get through the crush to the
records. In true Record Store Day spirit, people moved aside to
let me get him everything he wanted. I think a few people
handed him records he couldn’t reach. It was really

What’s your favorite live performance that took
place in your store?

action shotWhen Ani DiFranco performed at Bull Moose for RSD
2009, she spoke about how important Bull Moose’s orders were
early in her career. We were just trying to get the music our
customers wanted, but it was incredible to be recognized by
someone I admire so much. Her entire performance and Bull Moose
story are on her CD “Live at Bull Moose 4-17-2009.”

For more about Bull Moose’s plans for Record Store Day
2015, click here.


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