Producer Crosstalk: Jake Gosling

    Producer Crosstalk: Jake Gosling

    UK-based writer and producer Jake Gosling came to the game like many in the business: playing in bands and writing songs. But he found that he meshed better with writing than performing. He experimented with mic placement and unconventional instrumentation, such as a bucket of water for percussion. He found that such explorations were his calling. Over the years he’s worked with artists including Ed Sheeran, Christina Perri and One Direction.

    “I’ll ask for all tracks first,” Gosling says of how he approaches projects. “Then I sit with the artist, find out what they want to communicate and then build the relationship. You have to get under their skin and make songs come to life. I tend to work on a whole album as opposed to a single song. Brought up on records, I love songs that weren’t singles because albums had shape, journey and story.”

    Gosling writes with artists but also contributes in different ways. “It’s also nice to have not written a song…I can [then] come up with counter-melodies because I tend to play on records I produce. I arrange strings and the like—things that aren’t classed as ‘songwriting.’ But they add dimensions to the existing melodies.”


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