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Enjoy Porter Robinson & Madeon’s ‘Shelter’ Collaboration While It Lasts


Porter Robinson and Madeon are currently in the peak of their North American run of their Shelter Live Tour after playing two sold out shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The duo recently spoke on SiriusXM’s #bpm radio with Tommy West revealing both heartfelt and heartbreaking news to fans that their collaboration is a special temporary joint project.

The duo insisted that the project is a very special collaboration because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans who could make it out to a show. After attending several Shelter Live tour dates it truly took your breath away to see how engaged and dedicated their fans were to their live show. From many fully recorded iPhone sets surfacing on YouTube to endless Reddit threads discussing their friendship, there’s definitely magic in the air when you enter a venue that you can feel from all of the fans.

“We were so surprised from our first show some of the highlights for people was watching us talk to each other and interact, and seeing how much that meant to people was pretty humbling,” said Porter Robinson, “It made us realize that there’s something beyond the actual sound, the lights and the video. There’s something very human about this collaboration and we’re careful to cherish that.”

TK_Shelter3And it’s so true. From the beginning when the visuals flash a blink of Rin, the main character in Shelter the Animation, to Porter dropping “Say My Name” edit during Madeon’s “Pop Culture” with perfectly timed fireworks, you can feel how engaged the audience is because of their over the top reactions to their carefully planned out set.

Before witnessing their show on the west coast I had watched countless fan-recorded videos on YouTube to get a sneak peak at their live set-up and stage production I was really impressed. When I finally got to see their first show of the west coast leg in San Francisco the duo upped the anti with perfectly timed pyrotechnics and fireworks, blowing the audience out of the water. I’m not talking about a finale firework show, they had people running around the stage constantly refilling confetti canons and prepping for the next moment throughout the entire set.

Not only is their stage production carefully designed to highlight both artists, but their show is a reflection of their friendship and musical journey. The two have grown up together in the music industry communicating over the internet giving each other feedback on their work and ideas. So naturally, it makes sense the two decided to try something different and do something collaborative.

TK_Shelter4However, all good things must come to an end and if you were lucky enough to go to one of their shows, you understand how special this transient experience is. Two artists on stage showing their complete admiration and respect for one another and their musical journeys, while also having a blast on stage singing, playing live instruments and giving each other looks of excitement while performing together.

Towards the end of their set, Porter Robinson says, “This is my version of one of my favorite songs in the entire world. This is Beings by Madeon,” and then proceeds the single off Madeon’s debut album, Adventure. It’s moments like these that the two artists create, which does indeed make this collaboration feel very “human.” When you realize that Porter Robinson has the same favorite Madeon song as you, and the entire crowd simultaneously breaks out into that heart-eyes gaze.

Many fans of Porter Robinson and Madeon are very dedicated and have followed the two very closely throughout their careers. So seeing this tour come to an end will be a bittersweet feeling, but now we’re looking forward to see what the future holds with their upcoming solo projects and if they decide to expand the tour on a festival run (*cough* Coachella *cough*)!


Check out their remaining West Coast tour dates below!

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12/01 – FIllmore Auditorium (Denver, CO) SOLD OUT

12/02 – The Complex (Salt Lake City, UT) Tickets

12/03 – McClellan Park (Sacramento, CA) Tickets

12/06 – Vogue Theater (Vancouver, BC) SOLD OUT

12/07 – Vogue Theater (Vancouver, BC) SOLD OUT

12/08 – Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Portland, OR) Tickets

12/09 – Knitting Factory (Spokane, WA) SOLD OUT

12/10 – Wamu Theather (Seattle, WA) SOLD OUT



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