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If You Only Pay Attention To What’s Happening In Your Music Genre, You’re Missing What’s Happening



Musical genres are divided for a lot of understandable reasons including the fact that complex societies like the U.S. are divided. But in a time of rapid change such as we’re currently undergoing, essentially the digital edition of the late 1800s, the danger for musicians is not just in being left behind aesthetically. Not keeping up with business developments across genres is much more dangerous as revenue streams shift and/or dry up.

Are You Afflicted With Genre Bias?

I was thinking this would be a good topic for my last week at Hypebot. And then Don Harrison, aka Wicked D, wrote this:

“One of my biggest pet peeves is the abundance of useful artist development or marketing & promotion information that is lost or overlooked due to ‘genre wars.’ Artists are flooded with information via the internet; unfortunately, the majority of it goes right over their heads. Most are so focused on hating a particular pop star, hip hop artist, or country music performer, they totally miss the point of a good lesson.”


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