Home Artist News Opportunity Winners “Flight of Ryan” & “MRKTS” take Austin, TX!

Opportunity Winners “Flight of Ryan” & “MRKTS” take Austin, TX!


WorldArts takes Austin, TX! Check out videos of our talented opportunity winners performing at the TuneCore Austin Takeover 2016!

Out of hundreds of submissions on the WorldArts platform, we chose two lucky bands to join us at the TuneCore Austin Takeover 2016 presented by WorldArts and Swisher Sweets. With an amazing line-up of headliners such as Waka Flocka Flame, Talib Kweli, and Wyclef Jean, the Vulcan Gas Company was packed to the brim with music lovers for 3 full days.

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The first lucky artist was Flight of Ryan, a 4 piece electro-pop rock band that killed their Thursday set at the Vulcan Gas Company.  Flight of Ryan is comprised of members Danny Pabst (bass, keys), Colin Bresnahan (guitar, keys, backing vocals), Anthony Wallace (drums), and Samuel Voas (lead vocals, guitar, keys). In December of 2015, they released their debut album, From Cocoon. The album was recorded with Flagstaff producer Jeff Lusby-Breault. Click here to download their album for free! Watch our live performance video of Flight of Ryan in Austin performing “Technicolor Souls”.

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The second artist chosen for the opportunity was MRKTS, a band from San Diego California. Their style is a unique mix of alternative pop-rock with a hint R&B. MRKTS is comprised of Isaiah Blas (vocals), Casey Peek (guitar), Jed Peek (bass, keys), and Chad Wolf (drums). Their debut album Last Call was released October of 2015. Click here to download their album for free! Watch our live performance video of MRKTS in Austin performing “Hit & Run”.

WorldArts had an amazing time at the Vulcan Gas Company for TuneCore’s Austin Takeover! Great job to Flight of Ryan and MRKTS for putting on an amazing show! Be sure to follow @worldartsmusic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for frequent updates on new opportunities like this!

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