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No More MP3s: Native Instruments Wants DJs to Use Their New Audio Format




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Beatport may have launched a streaming music service, but
they haven’t forgotten about paid downloads…

In June 2015 Beatport, Juno, and Traxsource will begin selling
song downloads in a new file format called Stems….

So what is this format, aren’t stems just the parts of a song?

Well, yeah. ‘Stems’ is the term for a track that has been
separated into its individual parts: drums, synth, vocals, etc.
Native Instruments is introducing a new music format based
on that concept.

Native Instruments is releasing a free software program
called Stem Creator Tool.
Producers and labels can use
this software to separate their song into four different parts,
such as synth, bass, drums, and lead. The Stem Creator
Tool will then store the four different parts in an MP4

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This MP4 file will operate as a normal audio track on most
platforms. iTunes will play it back as a normal audio track.

But starting this summer, Native Instrument’s Traktor software
will be able to separately control and manipulate
the MP4 Stem file’s four parts.

Native Instruments is opening up the code to developers, so
outside companies can create compatible software and hardware.
They say the format will give DJs greater control, and will
give labels a new source of revenue.

The Stems audio format is being supported by Toolroom Records,
Hypercolour, inFiné, and many others.

Here’s a video tutorial of the format from DJ TechTools:


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and
more: @nine_u

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