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Nick Dean releases new single “How Did We?”!


Nomad Group has released the acoustic version of Nick Dean’s single, How Did We?! The recording’s Top 40 sound supports an infectious pop melody and Sheeran-esque lyrics like, “You’re trying to find a way out of here with me but we’re falling to our knees. If I could only find out what was in-between”. Co-produced and co-written by Dean and longtime collaborator Mike Miller, this alternative-pop singer/songwriter/producer and filmmaker says the song was inspired “ironically (how there is) something memorable about the nights you don’t remember”. He chose to release a stripped version of the song “to take the opportunity to get back to my roots as a guitar player” he says. “I’d been playing long before I could produce or even write music. My dad taught me when I was five, and it’s what got me into music in general. For this, I left my little tricks and production tools out of the picture”. The tune combines experiences drawn from his childhood, his time on X Factor, and his new creative vision which was molded by a nomadic upbringing and his global motorcycle adventures.

Dean spent his early years living and traveling abroad with his family, while creating music and existing on the “road less traveled.”  At five, his family left the States to live a simpler life in the small farming village of Vernègues in France. While abroad in developing countries, Dean’s music career began humbly in local bars in Cuba and Costa Rica, until he became a lead soloist with an internationally touring boys choir in France. His parents relocated the brood back to Rochester, NY, before heading back out on a four-month humanitarian journey through Southeast Asia. While being homeschooled abroad, Dean played guitar for orphanages, hill tribes, rural schools and bars across Southeast Asia. Once back in Rochester, Dean met Miller, and also auditioned for Season 1 for The X Factor USA, where he ultimately reached the final 12.

In 2013, he moved to Los Angeles and continued writing music and learning the art of production to create his own sound.  After a few stints in some bands, and becoming the youngest signed producer/songwriter for Global Entertainment USA at 18, he ultimately found his career going in the wrong direction. While earning money at odd jobs, he reconnected with Miller and the two began working on his new musical sound that would be all co-written & produced together.  His talent for photography and videography also led to doing content marketing campaigns with Audi, Away Travel, SubPac, a project with Brandy Melville, and the video One Last Time with Ryan Riback. He is proud to assist his mother with her humanitarian organization GoPhilanthropic, and while he calls L.A. home, he will soon hit the road again across the U.S. and back to Asia for his next life adventure.

Listen to How Did We? (stripped) on all streaming platforms and you can download it on iTunes today!


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