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New Podcast “MSCLVR” produced at the WorldArts Stage!


The new MSCLVR podcast filmed their very first pilot at WorldArts Studios!

This new podcast called Music Lover, aka MSCLVR is a podcast for the music lovers, delving briefly into topics in the music and tech industry. Davin Riley hosts the podcast series along with his two cohosts Quinn Marie and Daniel Ocean. Their very first guest was Rob Murat, an actor, music producer, and singer/songwriter from New York. Rob has starred in television shows such as Bones, and also co-starred with Halle Berry in episodes of Extant which is produced by Steven Spielberg.  His video shorts have aired on Vh1, BET, and MTV broadcasts and his works can be heard on ESPN, and PBS’s Sesame Street. In this pilot, they touched upon the tech topics such as Pandora’s acquisition of Rdio as well as Spotify’s “Fan Insights”. They also went into some hot pop culture news including Zayn Malik’s take on One Direction’s music and Drake’s music video Hotline Bling. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the MSC LVR podcast!