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NEST HQ’s Features LA’s Brownies & Lemonade in Documentary


In NEST HQ‘s latest documentary Brownies and Lemonade, one of the most hip music event producers in Los Angeles, under the microscope. The short film directed by Will Lee, gives insight to the emerging party brand featuring clips with prominent people in the music industry Skrillex, Anna Lunoe, Jai Wolf, Nina Las Vegas, Manila Killa, Mark Johns, Fan Fiction and more.

“Brownies and Lemonade is a party that caters to the SoundCloud scene and focuses on acts that don’t usually get booked” – Fan Fiction

Kush, of B&L, at their documentary party. Photo by Quasarmedia

Kush, founder of Brownies & Lemonade, started out throwing house parties at UCLA and realized he wanted to keep pursuing event production on a more professional level due to his love for music. He realized he had little money and connections, so he became a masterful curator by booking artists from SoundCloud.

In so many ways this helped to push the emerging Los Angeles music scene forward by introducing new artists that wouldn’t normally play in LA to the scene, and exposing dance music fans to music they probably wouldn’t discover otherwise. Music fans in LA tend to be diverse when it comes to their music taste, and when an artist is performing right in front of them they tend to listen (and dance if they like it). From their hosting a stage at HARD Summer’s 2016 camp grounds to debuting artists like Ryan Hemsworth, Ekali, Shawn Wasabi and many more, Brownies and Lemonade has proven they know how to throw events big or small.

Brett Blackman crowdsurfing at B&L Documentary Party. Photo by Quasarmedia

Brownies & Lemonade just premiered their documentary at a screening event last week at Union Club LA where of course, they had a secret lineup of performers featuring: Mark Johns, Shawn Wasabi, Tdoyle, Fan Fiction, CRNKN and more.

Check out the full documentary below:

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